2017 June 14 – Harvard WordPress

Survey Results

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What are you working on?

Anything at all! Just starting to learn.
Learn: Getting people to contribute content, such as writing the blog posts they say they’re all fired up to write, is harder when they have to add yet another login account to their cognitive overhead bundle. So implementing Harvard Key would be incredibly helpful.

Share: Hosting on WP Engine is pretty great.

Thank you so much for organizing this.

Hope it’s ok for an MIT person to drop in! I run (and sometimes design and develop) a few marketing sites at MIT and I’m always looking to learn about how others work with the same technologies I work with.
We used to use WordPress for our blog but the site was hacked and we never regained admin control over it. (long story) Since then we moved to the OpenScholar platform and use their blogging module that isn’t as good as WordPress. It’s probably to late for us to try and migrate back, but I’ll like to see what other people are doing and what problems they have.
I’ve been building a WordPress websites for like 15 years so I’m a good resource for a lot of things but i don’t have time to really properly evaluate new plugins or identify plugins that could replace current systems and integrate them into WordPress. I’d like to hear about how people have used plugins to integrate events, newsletters, podcasts, video libraries, etc.
A little bit of everything!
I used WordPress in the past for help documentation at a previous job I worked at. We currently use the OpenScholar blog plugin here, but I’m always curious to know more about WordPress for personal use.
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